About Us

We are Bilzza, a brightening cream that will help you to get away with your insecurities. In a vastly commercial market for skincare, we assure that we provide the best products which are 100% organic and manufactured with a subtle touch of Ayurveda.


We strive to help each and every person who is struggling with so many skin issues such as rashes, itchiness, underarm darkness which are sometimes taboo to talk and reach for help.


In a continuously uprising market of skincare, our mission is to deliver the products which our customers can trust in. Each time a person purchases our products, we don’t want any of them to regret their decision of buying Blizza.

While working towards manufacturing the best products, we ensure that our employers are paid accordingly and that they have a peaceful and friendly working environment with zero tolerance in discrimination

Customer Feedback

We make sure that our customers never regret the decision of buying our products. To show you that they never do, please take a minute and read our customer reviews, your doubts will all disappear.